No Work...look at all your Opportunities!!!

No Work...look at all your Opportunities!!!

Hey Lash Babes,

I just wanted to jump on and say “You have got this!!!”

Given the recent circumstances, the impacts have been felt worldwide, not just us Lash Techs, to every other business out there big, small or in between.

We are all in this together.

We are all feeling the heartache of our dreams that we have worked so hard at building to now be ripped out from under us, however its not all doom and misery… how you ask?

Well, how many of you overbook yourself? Not just in business, in everyday life?

I can name at least 10 people I know personally, myself included who NEVER have enough time….. Well guess what, now you have all the time on your hands and what a better way to start ticking off some of those to do list items that you never got around too.

This is the perfect time to make changes to your business, get creative, watch educational videos to keep your brain ticking, do an overhaul on your social media, create new marketing material for when you are back at work.

I know myself when it comes to social media and advertising your business, it is Very time consuming. I don’t know how many times I have gone to post something and my brain has turned to mush and I go blank and can't think of anything. So here are a few little things you can work on while your not “working”

SOCIAL MEDIA- start creating content, and posts. Canva is a great app for creating posts, banners, video clips and business cards,if you have a notes section on your phone why not start writing up some posts so that when you are back at work you can just copy and paste and get on with your day.

EDUCATION- my personal faves are YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. By looking up different artists, you will learn new techniques and tips and tricks on how to tackle those little things you may have been having trouble with..

Using this time effectively  it will benefit your business long term. Get Creative!!!

Do your price lists need updating? What about your logo? How about tips and tricks for aftercare for your clients? Keep your social media active, posting videos, photos of your work do those little things you have never had time for.

What about taking an extra online lash education course? Practice your lash sets on family members at home if you live alone how about a doll head? There are so many ways to use this time to make your business better than ever.

Tag us on Instagram with your creative ideas, tell us what you are doing with this time?

Love DSA xx

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