Lash Glue & Hot Climates!

Lash Glue & Hot Climates!

Do you live in a hot climate and having a hard time with your clients retention?

There are a few things to do to help avoid this happening, if you live in a hot climate with high humidity and high temps this is for you.

1. What Glue are you using? we find using a slower drying glue works best - (glue loves moisture, the higher the humidity the higher the moisture in the air) which means a slower drying glue will actually dry faster...using a fast drying glue means the glue will already have started the drying process before it reaches the lashes.

2. Make sure your room conditions are perfect to suit your glue, sometimes you may find your glue works best at different temp/humidity as its suggested conditions.

3. Store unopened glues in the fridge, away from the door influx in temps will affect the glues lifetime, keeping the glue away from the door will ensure the temp keeps the same.

4. Store opened glues in an airtight dark container with rice and silica packs, living in a higher climate may result in you needing to change your glue more regularly - we recommend using smaller glues (5g,5ml) this will help keep your costs down and stop glue wastage.

5. Avoid leaving your glue out between clients, always clean correctly and put back in its container. 

6. Use a Hygrometer reader

7. Keep your lash bed away from your window, if this isn't possible try putting a sun visor up in your window to reflect sunlight and extra heat, putting up a block-out curtain will also help, try both it can lower temps by 5-6 degrees.....which is major for glue.

8. Avoid booking clients at the hottest times during the day!

9. Always shake your glue the very first moment you walk into the salon.

10. Have the weekend off? living your lash glue out? be sure to keep in a controlled temp Environment.

11. Take your time and be patient. 


We Know Lashing can be tricky but sometimes you can make minor adjustments without spending a fortune.

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