How often are you stretching?

How often are you stretching?

Raise your hand if you have back pain!

As you may have already felt, Lashing ain’t easy…

If you have been in the lash industry for 1 year or 10 years there is 1 thing, we all have in common…Neck and Back pain due to hours in the chair,

You have purchased multiple chairs trying to find the “Perfect One”

You have adjusted your table 100 times even looked at other options…hmm wonder if I could stand to do eyelash extensions?

Well let me tell you there is an easier way around this to help minimise the pain and improve your overall health

What is it you may ask? A mystery pill to take away the pain?  No…. we wish



Stretching keeps the muscles from tightening up and strengthens the body!

As a part of your everyday routine, it can help prevent and also relieve back pain 

It is also excellent for improving your sleep, posture, and state of mind


Taking out 15 minutes out of your day can really help improve these issues, or If you really want to take it to the next level try YOGA this is amazing for helping your mental state as well as your physical state


For me personally I live an active lifestyle where I get up in the morning go for my morning walk, come home stretch/foam roll and get started for the day, during my lunch break I take out around 5minutes to give my body another stretch before I get back into the 2nd half of my day... during the even once I have finished I take a few more moments to give another stretch 

After being sat in the lash chair for over 6 years now I can tell you stretching has changed things for me…always remember to get up and move during the day!


Here are a few stretches I complete to help with these issues

see links below for how to videos on some great movements


Prayer stretch-


Trunk rotation stretch-


Figure 4 stretch-


Doorway chest stretch-


Stretching for tight neck/shoulders-

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