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You will receive 3 X 10ml Clear Quartz Adhesives 

Clear Quartz 10ml Premium adhesive!

Moderate Drying For Intermediate - Advanced Lash Techs

  • It is important to always shake your Lash adhesive for 1-2 minutes at the start of each work day (as soon as you enter your salon! this is priority in great retention)
  • Shake for 30 seconds before each new drop.
  • Ideal temp is between 20-25 degrees. Ideal humidity is 60% - 75% (2-3 sec) for humidity lower than 50% dry time could be 2-4 seconds upto 6-7weeks retention
  • The higher the temp & humidity the quicker the drying time.
  • Store up right in a glue storage container, leave in a cool dark place away from any heat sources.
  • Recommended to write the date you opened your adhesive on the bottom of the bottle.
  • Throw out any unused open glues after 3 weeks
  • Unopened glues can be stored in the fridge , be sure to take out a minimum of 24hours before use 
  • Store in a monitored environment fluctuations in temperature/humidity can effect the life and retention of your glue


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  • We do not carry any responsibility for glues going off due to hot weather or incorrect storage.